45 Savory Cast Iron Skillet Dinner Recipes [2nd Edition] | Homesteading Recipes (2024)

Cast iron skillet dinner recipes are perfect for every savvy homesteader. They often have a lot on their hands and preparing meals with a cast-iron pan saves time and effort due to its efficiency in conducting heat and ensuring well-seasoned food. These delicious and easy cast iron skillet dinner recipes are lifesavers. They also make great camping recipes–they're that reliable. Continue reading to find out for yourself!

Cast Iron Skillet Dinner Recipes: Quick and Easy Meals

1. Baked Polenta and Vegetables with Tahini Glaze

Some veggies from a Ratatouille, polenta, and tahini make this vegan recipe. It's a delicious dish you can whip up in a cast-iron skillet. Take care when doing your polenta as it canburn fast and quick.

45 Savory Cast Iron Skillet Dinner Recipes [2nd Edition] | Homesteading Recipes (1)

2. Skillet Chicken with Bacon and White Wine Sauce

Imagine meaty chicken thighs drowning in wine sauce with bacon bits and caramelized shallots. Savor the delicious flavors simmering and sizzling in one cast iron pan. Well, don't stop there, but cook this skillet chicken recipe now.

3. 30-Minute Cheesy Avocado Skillet Pizza Bread

Make this 30-minute pizza breadin a cast-iron skillet for your dinner tonight. You'll find cheese and avocado makes an amazing combo. Pop in the oven for 30 minutes to cook. Pair with any other of these delicious cast-iron skillet recipes for fantastic skillet meals.

4. Shepherd's Pie With Ground Beef


Even the classic shepherd's pie cooks well and good in a cast-iron pan. This should make a delicious dinner meal for any occasion with savory ground beef. You can also make good use of your leftover mashed potatoes in this easy cast iron skillet recipe.

5. Perfect Pan-Seared Steak

Learnhow to make the perfect homemade pan-seared steak. First, get yourself a high-grade cut of beef, then, cook it in a cast-iron skillet. Add herbs to the steak and season with ground black pepper and kosher salt.

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6. Baked Macaroni and Cheese

Make yourself or your familythe beloved classic,baked mac n' cheese, in a cast-iron skillet. I love agood baked mac that's ever-so-slightly crusty on top but creamy and rich underneath.

7. The Simplest and Best Shrimp Dish


Shrimp, as most kinds of fresh seafood are, is delicious by itself. Add a few earthy herbs and spices to complement the flavors of the sea in this shrimp skillet recipe. The secret to this super delicious dish? Garlic…lots of garlic!

8. Cast-Iron Skillet Burgers

The secret to a mouth-watering burger is in the savory ground beef patties. Freeze the ground beef patties first, so you can have that brown crust and juicy inside you crave. Don't forget the cheese to go with the tasty patty.

45 Savory Cast Iron Skillet Dinner Recipes [2nd Edition] | Homesteading Recipes (2)

9. Pesto PLT Skillet Pizza

Cooking pizza in a cast-iron skillet gives you a pie crust that's brown and crisp at the edges. Use all-purpose flour for the pizza dough and semolina flour for dusting. It's a perfect canvas for toppings of veggies, cheese, meat, and spices.

10. Skillet Chicken Pot Pie

Servethis chicken pot pie for dinner, especially on cold evenings. Use skinless and boneless chicken breasts to go with the veggies. This chicken recipe will warm not only tummies, but hearts, too.

45 Savory Cast Iron Skillet Dinner Recipes [2nd Edition] | Homesteading Recipes (3)

11. Easy Skillet Lasagna

With only a few ingredients and steps, you can make this delicious and easy skillet lasagna. Dump the ingredients, ground beef, pasta, and all in one cast-iron pan. What's best is, you also have only one pot to clean.

12. One Pot 30-Minute Creamy Tomato Basil Pasta Bake

A complete meal can be had in pasta recipes, like this pasta bake dish. Use gluten-freefettuccine with the veggies for a vegan take on this healthy dish. It also comes with the added bonus of cooking it all in one pan.

45 Savory Cast Iron Skillet Dinner Recipes [2nd Edition] | Homesteading Recipes (4)

13. Loaded Smashed Potato Skillet

Make your favorite dinner side in a cast-iron pan for a full meal. Give these loaded smashed potatoes a try and add a new trick to your list of mashed potato recipes. You can pop this in the oven or just put it on top of a hot grill.

14. Crispy Skin Oven Roast Chicken in Skillet

You can cook a whole chicken in your cast-iron skillet. Give it a shot with this roasted chicken in a cast-iron skillet. Serve this chicken recipe with potatoes for a special meal.

15. Prosciutto-Wrapped Chicken with Asparagus

Serving this prosciutto-wrapped chickencouldn't be any more perfect for Valentine's Day. With fresh asparagus, even an ordinary evening meal can be special. Your special one will find this chicken recipe like no other.

45 Savory Cast Iron Skillet Dinner Recipes [2nd Edition] | Homesteading Recipes (5)

16. Skillet Potato Bake with Tomatoes

Cookingthis potato skilletpairs great with any of the savory main dishes here. You can use whole baby potatoes or slice larger potatoes into halves.

17. Gnocchi Skillet with Chicken Sausage and Tomatoes

Here's a 5-ingredient dinner recipe you'll love to make and enjoy, too. It's a simple dish using chicken sausages with four other ingredients. This will be a great way to prepare and enjoy your fresh harvest in a heartbeat.

18. Skillet Chicken Fajitas

If you're into Tex-Mex food, you'll go gaga overthis chicken recipe in a skillet. Chicken and veggies sliced into strips then seared in a cast-iron pan and served with warm tortillas. That's a wrap!

19. Skillet Baked Stuffed Rigatoni


I love rigatoni for how each little tube gets a small filling of pasta sauce.In this recipe, it's a rich tomato sauce with herbs. Cook it in a cast-iron skillet and serve this for a filling dinner.

20. Leftover Steak and Spinach Quesadilla with Provolone

My mom always tells me, “Better cook a bit more and have leftovers than to cook just enough and be left hanging.” Turns out she's right when you can make more out of leftovers. Takethis leftover steak and spinach quesadilla with provolone.

45 Savory Cast Iron Skillet Dinner Recipes [2nd Edition] | Homesteading Recipes (6)

21. Roasted Pork Tenderloin with Zesty Dry Rub


Roast pork can be tricky to prepare, but try this roast pork recipe in a skillet. You'll find yourself enjoying some roast pork weekly. The secret? Herbs and lime adding juicy flavors and zest.

22. Simple Sesame Chicken

If you're looking to add a little Asian flair to your recipes, trythis delicious easy chicken recipe. It should be an awesome oriental-dish-meets-good-old-American cast-iron pan moment.

45 Savory Cast Iron Skillet Dinner Recipes [2nd Edition] | Homesteading Recipes (7)

23. Steak With Gorgonzola Herbed Butter Recipe


Steak is not only good for the grill, it can alsocook to perfection in a cast-iron pan. If that's not enough convincing, here's three words for you: Cheese, butter, and Yum!

24. Unstuffed Cabbage Skillet Dinner

Gourmet chefs might call this a “deconstructed” version of stuffed cabbage. But, this unstuffed cabbage skillet dinner doesn't need a fancy title to suit your taste. Cabbages, mushroom, and ground beef are super delicious.

25. Easy Chili and Cornbread Skillet

Prepare this quick and easy Mexican delight for your friends or family on a busy weeknight. What's great about this comfort food is the easy clean up after. Who doesn't love an easy delicious classic and zero mess after?

45 Savory Cast Iron Skillet Dinner Recipes [2nd Edition] | Homesteading Recipes (8)

26. Butternut Squash And Black Bean Enchilada

Looking to add a little spice to your cast-iron skillet cooking? Look no further! Thisspicy enchilada recipe is sure to please any crowd. It's not only spicy, it's healthy, too!

27. Chorizo Sweet Potato Skillet

Cheese, chicken, rice, and a little spice in this chorizo sweet potato skilletand dinner is served! Now, you don't have to prepare different dishes to make a meal. It's now in one dish that's easy to prepare and enjoy.

45 Savory Cast Iron Skillet Dinner Recipes [2nd Edition] | Homesteading Recipes (9)

28. Skillet Zucchini


This skillet zucchini is one of the healthy cast iron skillet recipes you can find. It also works great as a side dish option for any skillet meals.Can you imagine how amazing this would be with your whole roast chicken dish in a cast-iron pan?

29. Creamy Chicken Broccoli and Rice Skillet Recipe

Here's a one-pan recipe for those of you who want some home cooking without the extra fuss. You have rice, chicken, and broccoli all in one dish to fill you up.

45 Savory Cast Iron Skillet Dinner Recipes [2nd Edition] | Homesteading Recipes (10)

30. Healthy and Easy Skillet Lasagna

Lasagna to me is a prima donna recipe–too complicated to cook when you don't have the luxury of time. Well, this lasagna in a skillet sure isn't. Give it a try to find out for yourself!

31. Skillet Shrimp With Orzo, Feta, And Asparagus

Get your Mediterranean on with this healthy seafood recipe. I didn't use to think so, but shrimp and feta complement each other well in this dish. I can have this anywhere, any day with my cast-iron skillet.

32. Broccoli Quinoa Casserole

Use this easy broccoli casserole recipein a skillet to create the perfect side dish for your entree. Or, let it stand alone as a Paleo cheesy meal in itself. With quinoa, you have a healthier comfort food.

33.Taco Quinoa Turkey Skillet Dinner

Get a double dose of protein with this turkey and quinoa recipe in a cast-iron skillet. This should also be a great way to make good use of your leftover Thanksgiving turkey!

34. Skillet Salmon with Quinoa, Feta, and Arugula

Here's another healthy recipe for the health-conscious crowd. Sear salmon in a cast-iron pan and serve with cooked quinoa, arugula, and feta.

45 Savory Cast Iron Skillet Dinner Recipes [2nd Edition] | Homesteading Recipes (11)

35.One Pot Mexican Skillet Pasta

Create a one-pot wonder with this cast-iron skillet recipe for Mexican pasta. Chicken, veggies, and pastamake up this simple yet delicious chicken recipe.

36.Cajun Shrimp and Quinoa Casserole

Get a taste of New Orleans with this easy cajun shrimp dinner. You'll love this dish with tasty garlic and melted cheese. Don't worry–not only is it authentic, it's a healthier, lighter version, too!

37.One Pan Skillet Stuffed Bell Peppers

This stuffed bell pepper recipe is a longtime favorite in American households. Even picky eaters are pleased with this ground beef recipe. To make it easier and simpler, we mix up ingredients along with diced bell peppers in a cast-iron pan.

45 Savory Cast Iron Skillet Dinner Recipes [2nd Edition] | Homesteading Recipes (12)

38.Sriracha Lime Chicken Skillet

Add a little zing and zest to your cast-iron skillet chicken recipe with this fun and easy Sriracha lime sauce. Let the chicken sit and absorb all the flavors of the sauce in a skillet.

39.Quick Lemony Skillet Pork Chops

These pork chopsare a hearty and healthy way to end your day with some fresh-tasting, belly-filling goodness. With quinoa and fresh green beans for sidings, pork chops couldn't be any more delectable.

40. Pan-Seared Scallops with Lemon Butter Recipe

Searing scallops can be tricky and timing is important, but follow this scallops in a skillet recipe to the letter to get it. You can have restaurant-quality, melt-in-your-mouth goodness from your own cast-iron pan. Also, lemon, garlic, and butter make it savory.

45 Savory Cast Iron Skillet Dinner Recipes [2nd Edition] | Homesteading Recipes (13)

41. Baked Spaghetti and Meatballs

Seeing meatballs simmering in a bubbly creamy sauce in my cast-iron pan is pure joy. And yes, you can cook your spaghetti and meatballs in a cast-iron skillet.

42. Smothered Skillet Chicken with Thyme Butter Mushrooms

This one is a classicchicken recipethat's a lifesaver or a time saver. It's chicken deboned, (or at least take the backbone out) smothered in gravy and mushroom. Cooking a warm welcome home dinner for a friend or family is no sweat with this recipe.

43. Honey Butter Creamy Skillet Corn

If you've no time to peel and cut up veggies for a side dish, get some fresh corn kernels. Cooking them in a cast-iron pan will give you a delicious side dish in no time. No side dish recipe will be as fast and easy especially when cooked in your skillet.

45 Savory Cast Iron Skillet Dinner Recipes [2nd Edition] | Homesteading Recipes (14)

44. Cast Iron Chicken Skillet

We can never have enough of chicken recipes in a cast-iron pan. Make room for this healthy caramelized chicken recipe with lots of veggies. It's one full meal in only one pan to clean.

45. Cheesy Meatball Skillet

Of all the cast iron skillet dinner recipes here, this ground beef recipe is the one I love best. You will need a few more ingredients more than ground beef, but they make this delicious recipe. Dirty up your skillet with cheese crust on the sides, I'd be the first to admit I love picking at it!

You can also try this healthy breakfast skillet recipe in this video from The Protein Chef:

There you have it, homesteading foodies! Savory cast iron skillet dinner recipes from which your next favorite dish will hail. You'll love your cast iron skillet all the more. These delicious and delectable cast iron skillet dinner recipes are good reasons to!

What do you think of these cast iron skillet dinner recipes? Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments sectionbelow.

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45 Savory Cast Iron Skillet Dinner Recipes [2nd Edition] | Homesteading Recipes (2024)
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