5 Popular Dave Ramsey YouTube Videos (+ our favorite unlisted video!) (2024)

I’ve said it before: we’re huge Dave Ramsey fans. Today we’re sharing five of the most popular Dave Ramsey YouTube videos (per the ratings on his channel), plus one bonus video that’s a personal favorite of ours and seems to be somewhat of a “best kept secret.”

5 Popular Dave Ramsey YouTube Videos (+ our favorite unlisted video!) (1)

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If you didn’t know, the Dave Ramsey show live streams on YouTube every Monday through Friday from 2-5pm ET. You get to watch Dave live in studio every weekday, as well as see some behind-the-scenes footage from his studio at Ramsey Solutions.

On the show, people call in live and ask Dave their money questions. And, in typical Dave fashion, he gets honest with them and tells them what steps to take to improve their financial situation. Some people don’t like how candid he can be, but we love it. Not only was it helpful to us as we were paying off our debt, but it was also somewhat entertaining! (Honestly, even now that we’re debt free, we still watch it sometimes!)

We love watching his show on YouTube, but sometimes we’ll watch on The Dave Ramsey Show app. Both are free. I love that Dave offers so much free content! He’s also authored several books, which you can usually find at your local library or on Amazon. A great one to get started with is Total Money Makeover.

Now, let’s have some fun and take a look at five of his most popular videos!

5 Most Popular Dave Ramsey YouTube Videos

Dave Ramsey YouTube Video #1: I’m 29 years old with nearly $1,000,000 in debt

This call aired in September 2018. One year later, it had surpassed 2.6 million views! Watch as Dave helps Channing (from Washington D.C.) navigate nearly $1,000,000 in debt, of which $800,000 was non-mortgage debt.

Dave Ramsey YouTube Video #2: The secret to NOT being broke!

This video was published in March 2017, and is one of Dave’s famous “rants”. Every once in awhile, Dave will take a few minutes in a video segment and rant about something that’s a hot topic to him. He gets very passionate and usually shares lots of wisdom! To date, this is the most popular rant on the Dave Ramsey YouTube channel.

Per Dave, “Your income, age, race, and geographical location don’t matter. The problem you are dealing with is called math!”

Dave Ramsey YouTube Video #3: Top 10 unbelievable calls on the Dave Ramsey show (Vol. 2)

This video is a montage of unbelievable and remarkable calls that have came in on Dave’s show. At over an hour’s worth of recording, it’s great listening material for a long commute or while doing laundry!

Dave Ramsey YouTube Video #4: How to become a millionaire

We really like this one! It’s another Dave Ramsey rant, just under ten minutes long, and well worth your time. Dave lays out the steps to build up a million dollar net worth.

Building wealth is not complicated, especially if you start early. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll reach your money goals!

Dave Ramsey YouTube Video #5: How does the Affordable Care Act affect you?

This one dates back to 2013, but has been widely shared on social media, thus taking the #5 spot for the most popular Dave Ramsey YouTube videos. Forget Fox News, forget CNN: here’s what Dave wants you to know about the Affordable Care Act and health care/insurance.

Bonus Video: How to drive free cars for life

This is one of the best kept secrets of all Dave’s videos. It doesn’t make it into any of the “most popular” rankings for Dave’s videos, probably because it’s marked as “unlisted” on Dave’s channel, so it’s not coming up in search results or being recommended to any viewers.

However, it is linked within an older article on his web site, titled Drive Free, Retire Rich. In this video, he shares an idea for a six-year-plan that could get you financially ready to drive free cars for life and never have any kind of car payment ever again.

We think the concept is genius! Of course, there are many variables, but you’ll get the general idea after watching the video.

Do you have any favorite Dave Ramsey YouTube videos? Share them in the comments! We’d love to check them out.

Let’s chat soon,

5 Popular Dave Ramsey YouTube Videos (+ our favorite unlisted video!) (2)

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5 Popular Dave Ramsey YouTube Videos (+ our favorite unlisted video!) (3)

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5 Popular Dave Ramsey YouTube Videos (+ our favorite unlisted video!) (2024)
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