How to Make Money with Your Recipes - MBA sahm (2024)

You don’t have to be Julia Child to be an impressive cook. In fact, some of the greatest recipes are also the simplest – 3 ingredient, no-bake, under $5, within 30 minutes type of meals.

These tricks in the kitchen and family recipes are not only ways to win friends and company, they’re also a great source of extra income. And if you’re really good, you could bring in some substantial dough for your family.

Here’s how you can bring home the bacon and make money with your recipes:

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Start a Food Blog

How to Make Money with Your Recipes - MBA sahm (3)The ultimate and best way to earn money from your recipes is to start a food blog – but it’s also a big time commitment. But if you love cooking, writing, and photography, then you’ve got nothing holding you back.

Starting a blog is perfect for anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit…or anyone that needs complete control of their schedule! With sites like Pinterest and Yummly, recipes have the potential to reach millions of people. And food blogs in particular have the potential for a lot of success!

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Publish Your Recipes on Hubpages

One of my favorite ways to earn extra money in general is to utilize microblogging sites like Hubpages, especially if you don’t want to start your own blog. And these sites are especially great for recipes.

On Hubpages, you have 2 potential revenue streams – ad revenue and Amazon referrals. The reason I love Hubpagesso much is it makes it extremely easy to put together a page and it provides a lot of great tips to help make your page more attractive to visitors. It is a great place to start out as a beginner, so don’t worry if you’ve never created a webpage before. I used these sites before I started my blog and I ended up learning so much from them. If you think this is something you’re interested in, you should also check out my post on Making Money on Hubpages for more info.

Here are some examples of Hubpages recipes:

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Create an e-Cookbook

Being a published author used to be a pipe dream for the average Joe, but with ebooks, it is all of a sudden a possibility for anyone.

If you can come up with a great concept and have a lot of recipes to share, then pull them together to create a cookbook. Amazon and other publishers are always looking for new authors for e-books, so you may find that it is easier than you think.

Publishing a book is a phenomenal source of passive income, so if you’ve got what it takes, you should definitely pursue this path.

Enter Recipe Contests

Recipe contests can be lots of fun and are especially great if you are in need of a good idea because there are usually guidelines surrounding ingredients, costs, and complexity.

There are tons of contests out there, so look for either big name cooking sites like Taste of Home or specific ingredient sites to find the best ones.

Start a Home Bakery

If you’re a skilled baker, then you have the potential to start a business right from your own kitchen! Recipes that cater to specialized diets – gluten-free, vegan, sugar-free, etc. – have the potential to set you apart from your competition instantly. Local advertising is easy with sites like Facebook, but word-of-mouth can also work wonders for someone with the right skills.

Become a Pinterest Expert

No matter what path you pick (or hopefully a few paths), you will need to market your concoctions. Social media is a marketer’s dream, but more specifically Pinterest should be your focus. Marketing on Pinterest can send your recipe viral in a matter of hours. If you are serious about making money with your recipes, then put a lot of time into creating the right boards, using the right images, and joining the best group boards.

Get Familiar with Yummly

Yummly is the new up-and-coming social media platform for foodies. If you’ve taken the time to get yourself Pinterest-ready, then you are already Yummly-ready! Your next step should be to create an account and start “Yumming” your recipes. The sooner you get involved in new social platforms, the better you will be in the long run.

Learn to Take Great Pictures

The one element that all of these revenue streams have in common is that they need a fabulous picture. All good cooks know that you eat with your eyes first and there is no place where that is more true than the internet. Learn to take fabulous shots of your food and you will have won half the battle.

We all have to eat, so why not make the best of it? If you love to cook, then you should be able to make a little money from it. If you’ve got something tasty to share, people will thank you for it!

If you’re looking for other ways to earn some extra money, check out my Pinterest board on Working from Home. I try to keep it updated with all the tips I can find!

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How to Make Money with Your Recipes - MBA sahm (2024)
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