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Earn Your Degree from Anywhere

KSU Online has developed and implemented high-quality distance learning courses, degree programs, and certificates. These programs aim to support students in preparing for a new career, enhancing their professional skills, or expanding their knowledge base. One feature of these programs is the flexibility they offer, allowing individuals to learn from any location worldwide. Additionally, faculty, students, and staff have access to the best practices in instructional and technical support.

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  • Kennesaw State names new dean to lead engineering college
  • Radow College launches Office of Academic Innovation
  • KSU researcher creates environment that allows students to thrive

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  • Need Help? Get Help. With resources from academic assistance to health and emergencies, these resources will allow you to get the immediate help and assistance you need at KSU.
  • See Something, Say Something. KSU seeks to foster a proactive climate of care that can only be achieved through cooperative input from the entire community. Through identification, we can connect concerns with the resources to succeed and hopefully...
  • Campus Maps Kennesaw State University includes two main campuses in Cobb County about 20-30 minutes north of Atlanta, GA. No matter where you choose to visit us, we hope you’ll love Kennesaw State University as much as we do.

Student Success

Possessing computer skills and feeling comfortable online does not necessarily ensure your success in an online course. A common theme in online courses is self-discipline and persistence. At Kennesaw State, we are committed to helping our online students achieving their academic best.

Online Student Success
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Online learning provides considerable freedom, allowing students to often choose when and where they'll participate in class activities.

    • Save time and money spent commuting to a campus
    • Continue working at your current job while you are taking classes
    • Attend your class from anywhere as long as you have a high-speed Internet connection
    • Learn at your own pace and study at your convenience
    • Learn new technologies
    • Interact on equal footing

    Students will have the same kinds of deadlines and structured responsibilities of a face-to-face class. In other words, flexibility must be balanced by responsibility. Like a face-to-face course, online courses require assignments be completed by due dates, your attendance (via logins to your course), involvement in online discussions, and sometimes group collaboration. Most students enjoy the active learning that online classes involve.

  • Self-motivation and discipline are required to succeed in distance learning courses. For many, distance learning offers access to education not previously available. It also provides a solution to flexibility needs, work and travel responsibilities, and family challenges.

    A successful experience in distance learning requires a basic familiarity with technology. Resources are available for students through University Information Technology Services for those interested in distance learning, but in need of a technology refresher. It is also strongly recommended that students have ready access to a computer or laptop with a high-speed Internet access, such as DSL or cable broadband. Online courses will require students to download and access course materials. Online learning success depends on preparation, motivation, dedication, and planning.

  • Online learners will need a computer, Internet access, basic software (such as Microsoft Office Suite, Windows Media Player, Quicktime movie player, anti-virus protection and a compatible browser), and auxiliary equipment (such as a webcam and microphone headset for video-based communication). Of course, technology needs will vary by course. But this list applies to the majority of courses.

    • Computer: Online Learners will need reliable access to a desktop or laptop computer that has adequate memory and processing capabilities for large file downloads, video players, and synchronous meeting applications.
    • Auxiliary Equipment: The Digital Learning Innovations team also strongly recommends a WebCam and Headset for video-based communication. Many newer laptop or monitor set-ups are pre-equipped. These items may be required by faculty on a course-by-course basis.
    • Internet Access: Online courses at KSU use the web to deliver courses at a distance. So, to learn in an online course smoothly, you need a high-speed Internet connection (such as DSL, Broadband, etc). This is especially important to the online learning experience.
    • Software: While this will vary by course, you will need a recent version of the Microsoft Office Suite. Access to MS Word, MS PowerPoint, and MS Excel are expected and necessary for viewing course material or completing assignments. Additional requirements include anti-virus protection, Windows Media Player, QuickTime movie player, and a compatible browser. Visit UITS Training for additional information on software training, compatibility, and available downloads.



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Online Students - Kennesaw State University (2024)
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